1/5/99 - Added acknowledgements page + a new section all about Dogs of War.

28/3/99 - Added Armies of Albion list based on a few Celtic articles that i've recently been reading

According to Jervis Johnson at a recent Warhammer Tournament I attended at GW headquarters there are plans to produce an official version of an Albion army list in the future.

Unfortunately when one of my friends questionned the great man himself on the nature of the list it turns out that the 'official' Albians may be primitive 'caveman' who attack their enemies with "animal bladders" (to quote my friend Alex).

Apparently all of the celtic imagery (which sounds far more interesting) has been used on the Wood Elf army. ?!?!?!? This is what gave me the idea for producing my own version of Albion army based loosely on the Celts.

Never mind though. Hope you see you at the next Warhammer tournament Alex :)

22/3/99 - Complete graphical rehaul of all pages.

Added Credits & copyright page, removed search engine page [couldn't get it working]. Added Dwarven Engineers Guild Army for WFB.

17/3/99 - Put in the main ROLEPLAY page (no content yet though).

16/3/99 - Added a bit of clipart to the main page, still having problems with the search engine.

I'm hoping to add some ROLEPLAY stuff to the site soon.

If anyone has any SUGGESTIONS or other tips for the role-play section of the site, please e-mail me at dragonfire35@largej.freeserve.co.uk and mark the subject line of your message with RPG SUGGESTIONS, thanks in advance for any help recieved.

9/3/99 - Monkeyed around with the main page layout & sorted out a dodgy link.

8/3/99 - Added Warhammer Ancient Battles link plus Zulu Army List, messed about with the idea of lots of fancy graphics on the page but decided against it because it would slow the download time too much. Added a search feature and an automated last updated feature

Talked to Steven about getting some more stuff on the site, hopefully he should be sending me lots of goodies for me to upload soon (fingers crossed)

7/3/99 - Looked at GW Gateway site, added Whats New? button and page, last updated line added to main page

21/2/99 - Added guestbook and e-mail links, plus stone coloured background

14/2/99 - First registered for a site with Freeserve, uploaded basic design and added the first couple of documents

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